Newsletter | June 10, 2020

06.10.20 -- 5 Ways To Improve Business Cyber-Resilience

5 Ways To Improve Business Cyber-Resilience

Cyber-security is a lot like military strategy. Both involve a battle of wills between adversaries that includes the use of force. It’s no wonder why cyber-security practices often borrow from military tactics.

Town Of Colonie Avoids More Than $400,000 In Ransom Due To Appliances And Backup

The stories of ransomware attacks have unfortunately become more common, especially among municipalities. But, when the Town of Colonie, in the greater Albany, NY region, became the latest to fall prey to a ransomware attempt, the outcome was different than many others thanks to backup protection. 

These Vulnerabilities Are Putting Your Clients At Risk

Cybercriminals have their eyes on new vulnerabilities as a way of compromising your clients. Your response needs to go beyond patching bad code.

Smoke And Mirrors: Do AI And Machine Learning Make A Difference In Cybersecurity?

For this report, we surveyed 800 IT professionals with cybersecurity decision- making power across the U.S., U.K., Japan, and Australia/New Zealand regions at the end of 2019 and discovered that 96 percent of respondents now use AI/ML tools in their cybersecurity programs.

Hook, Line, And Sinker: Why Phishing Attacks Work

When we talk about phishing, it might conjure up memories of scam emails from foreign princes, chock-full of terrible typos, grammar mistakes, and other easy-to-spot signs that the message might not be legitimate. If you’re thinking in those terms, it might shock you to find out how many people actually fall for such attacks.

DNS Is On The Verge Of A Major Overhaul

While DNS has evolved significantly in the more than 35 years since originally conceived, the skeletal structure remains much the same. DNS is the internet’s protocol for translating the URLs humans understand into the IP addresses machines do. The problem is that this system was never meant to consider privacy or security.

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